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“Where does it hurt?”  Think about the right placement of your tattoo. We now know that each person has their own threshold for pain. If this tattoo just so happens to be your first one, go for a spot that’s not as painful – Including the legs, the shoulders, the outer thighs, the butt, and the arms. Meanwhile, spots like the ribcage, the neck, the head, the knees, the hands, and the feet are much more sensitive compared to the rest. Some others feel relaxed when they're getting a tattoo.  

Dose Tattoo Hurt? Are the most is frequently asked questions? To help answer this question, we have created the diagrams below.


You’ll find female and male anatomy charts showing color-coded areas of the body that indicate where tattooing can be most (and least) comfortable. Keep in mind that everybody is different and tolerance to discomfort fluctuates from person to person.

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