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Here are tips on how to prepare for your tattoo session



Regarding Health and Hygiene Regulations. We do not allow extra people to hang out with you in your tattoo session.


We do take a deposit (non-refundable) to secure your booking for a custom sketch design. Please Do tell your artist any specifics you have in mind before he works on the design. 


Your design will be prepared on the day of your appointment. The deposit be will deduct from the total price of your tattoo.


Please Don’t tell the artist “you have complete freedom” and then come to the shop and make a lot of corrections.

We are Tattoo Artists, not a Psychics. Please be as specific on your design as you need it to be. Not more or less.

Drug, Alcohol, Aspirin is commonly known as blood thinners and could result in additional unwanted bleeding.


If you are on antibiotics, do not get tattooed. If you have to take antibiotics during the first month of getting a tattoo, it could possibly cause your tattoo to fade


1. Do not drink alcohol 24 - 48 hours before your session,
2. Do not take aspirin for pain relief before your tattoo appointment.

Limit your party to yourself + 1 max waiting in our waiting area. We not accept Children under the age of 18. Pets are not Allow.


Be clean and scent-free

1. Please wear a mask at all times in the shop. If you don’t bring a mask we have masks available to purchase.
2. Cleanliness is important since we will be opening up the skin and we want to prevent infections.  
3. Please be freshly showered, wear clean clothes, deodorant, and refrain from scents like perfume. 

Some of our tattoo artists are sensitive to the perfume smell, and this could be difficult to focus on your tattoo. 

Get Hydrated 

Staying well hydrated makes your skin more resilient, which will allow it to endure longer tattoo sessions, and help you heal faster following your tattoo session. 

Exfoliate Removing impurities from the pores in your skin is another way of making the procedure more comfortable for you and easier for your tattoo artist. Exfoliate gently Without Irritating the skin by using a loofah or an over-the-counter exfoliant. 


Get a good night’s sleep before your tattoo session. Head to bed early and don’t consume any alcohol or drugs the night before. You’ll want to be well-rested before getting a piece of permanent body art.


Make sure to eat a healthy, balanced meal before heading to your tattoo session. It’s not uncommon for people to lose their appetite from nerves then pass out from fatigue in the tattoo chair. 


Wear comfortable clothing that offers easy access to the body part getting the tattoo.

Some other items to consider putting in your bag:

Your Favorite Music and earphones / Book Ipad to watch movie 
Tic-Tacs or breath mints / Candy
Water bottle
Snacks and nibbles
Change of clothes

Please cancel your tattoo appointment, if you’re Sick or Injured

If you sustain any illness or injury leading up to your scheduled tattoo session, call us immediately and alert your artist to the extent of your injury. We will not tattoo over sunburned or injured skin, including scabs and rashes.

While You Are Being Tattooed

Please Allow your tattoo artist to concentrate on their work. 
Please Don’t talk too much during your tattoo session, this will help your tattoo artist to be more focused on creating the best tattoo for you. 


Never touch the affected area, your tattoo artist will be wearing sterile gloves and using sterile equipment, so any other contact can lead to contamination and infection.


Don’t Move Around

It’s acceptable to talk during your session so long as you don’t begin gesturing with your hands or body. Doing so will disrupt the tattoo artist and could lead to some unpleasant repercussions. Stay still and be patient.

Follow these tips and your tattoo session will be a breeze. The tips outlined above are intended to ensure your safety and help your tattoo artist create the best possible piece of body art, a piece that you will be thrilled to see each time you catch a glimpse.

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