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Bren brings over eight years of unique inspired tattoos. Bren creates outstanding Polynesian, Tribal, and Oriental Tattoo mixes with high diligence and stunning effect. 

Bren has expertise in all styles of tattoos and artworks. He is simply passionate and loves the art of calligraphy and penmanship.  

Bren is an owner of the KOBI TATTOO STUDIO Concordia street barangay 1 4213 Balayan, Philippine
Follow Bren on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KOBITATTOOVAPEHUB

TATTOO ARTIST: AKI (Aquino Ramirez)

Black and Grey Realism Cover-up Expert  Tattoo Artists

AKI brings over 10 years of unique inspired tattoos. He is a creative illustrator with an interest in realism and black&grey, portrait tattoos. 


"For me, a tattoo is about the art of individuality that I get to wear all the time. It’s all about self-expression. You get to wear your insides on your outside making one's idea come true.

Based in Cavite Philippines, AKI developed an advanced skill set in linework-based tattooing and then extended his technical abilities into Realism and cover-ups Tattooing."

MARQATATTOO At ( Cavite Philippines).

Email: aqramfaye@gmail.com
Whatsapp: +63905 221 6396
: https://www.instagram.com/aqramtattoo?igsh=N2FicGM0ZXM1bGR5

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