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We use Saniderm Tattoo Skin Wrap after your Tattooed, See the link below: How Saniderm Works!


According to tattoo guidelines, you will need to wait for 2 -3 weeks before swimming in the pool or ocean to allow the ink to heal — up until that point, your tattoo is still an open wound and needs to be cared for like one.


Submerging your wound in water, which is often swimming with all different types of bacteria. This can lead to some Serious Infections.


Letting direct sunlight get to your fresh tattoo can seriously damage the effect you’re going for with the ink. You’re risking the tattoo becoming bleached and fading, and it could blister if the area gets too much sun for too long. 


If you have pets make sure your hands are clean before touching your fresh tattoo. Animal hair and skin can carry bacteria, and or the dander can cause lots of irritation and even potentially cause your tattoo to be susceptible to infection. Please avoid direct contact with animals/pets in your tattooed area. 

After Taking off your Saniderm Tattoo Skin Wrap.



1. Gently clean your tattoo using normal water in a circular motion, until all ointment, blood, and lymphatic fluid is removed. A thin layer of moisturizer a few times a day is perfect – any more could be too much. If your tattoo has too much moisturizer, it has too much moisture, which could harbor and grow bacteria. Keep it light on the creams and your tattoo will be in good shape.

2. Using a very mild or fragrance-free baby soap gently wash all excess blood, ointment, ink, and plasma from your tattoo. 

Only use your Clean hand – DO NOT use a washcloth or loofah as they can harbor bacteria. 


3. If you are not sure which soap to use, please read the ingredients. If alcohol is listed as one of the first few ingredients, DO NOT USE IT. Soap with fragrance and alcohol will burn and can over-dry the skin.

4. A clean paper towel may also be used to dab to dry your tattoo. 

5. Do not panic when you see the colors of the tattoo on the paper towel, or on your hands as you clean it. This is simply excess ink being sloughed from the surface or the skin.

6. A quick shower and make sure no long period of time under the water (no swimming, no sauna, no bathing, no soaking).

7. Wear loose, preferably cotton clothing over the fresh tattoo. You want the tattoo to be left out to dry, so no bandage on the tattoo area unless it’s a rare occasion. 


8. Sweating too much is not good for the tattoo if you’re into intense workouts, take a break for a couple of weeks. Excessive moisture on a healing tattoo isn’t good.

9. After a few days (days 2-3 ), the tattoo will dry out and begin to form flaky scabs that will fall off on their own. DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH AT YOUR TATTOO. Please using Vaseline or Healing Ointment to reduce itchiness. 


10. A Tylenol or pain killer can be taken to reduce the pain on the day after your tattoo.





11. An Antihistamine can be taken to reduce the Itchiness on the peeling process. Depends on the Size of your tattoo, It normally takes 1-4 weeks for a tattoo to completely heal.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.




Day 1

For a larger Tattoo, please takes Tylenol after your tattoo to reduce the swelling pain on the first day.


You’ll come home from the artist with a bandage over your tattoo. Once the bandage comes off, you’ll probably notice fluid oozing from the tattoo. This is blood, plasma (the clear part of the blood), and some extra ink. It’s normal. Your skin will also be red and sore. It might feel slightly painful, skin feels warm to the touch. 


With clean hands, wash the tattoo with normal water and a fragrance-free or baby soap. 

Apply a petroleum ointment. Take the bandage off so your tattoo needs to breathe heal.


Days 2 to 3

Your tattoo will have a duller, cloudy appearance by now. This happens as your skin heals. Scabs will start to form.

Wash your tattoo once or twice a day and apply a fragrance- and alcohol-free moisturizer. 

When you wash, you might notice some ink running into the sink. This is just excess ink that’s come up through your skin.


Days 4 to 6

The redness should start to fade. You’ll probably notice some light scabbing over the tattoo. The scabs shouldn’t be as thick as scabs you get when you cut yourself, but they will be raised. Don’t pick at the scabs — this can cause scarring.

Keep washing your tattoo once or twice a day. Apply moisturizer.


Days 6 to 14

The scabs have hardened and will begin to flake off. Don’t pick at them or try to pull them off, let them come off naturally. Otherwise, you could pull out the ink and leave scars.

At this point, your skin may feel very itchy. Gently rub on a moisturizer several times a day to relieve the itch.

If your tattoo is still red and swollen at this point, you might have an infection. Go back to your artist or see a doctor.

Days 15 to 30

In this last stage of healing, most of the big flakes will be gone and the scabs should be going away. You might still see some dead skin, but it should eventually clear up too. The tattooed area might still look dry and dull. Keep moisturizing until the skin looks hydrated again.

By the second or third week, the outer layers of skin should have healed. It may take three to four months for the lower layers to completely heal. By the end of your third month, the tattoo should look as bright and vivid as our intended.

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