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Zen Body Art Policy

Clients are required to read and sign our consent form to allow us to work on the tattoo on their bodies.

1. A valid government-issued ID: or Driver's license is required to get a tattoo.


2. Racist tattoos: Tattoos or brands that "advocate a philosophy that degrades or demeans a person based on race, ethnicity, or national origin" are not acceptable. 

3. You must be at least 18 years old: and you must provide a valid government-issued photo ID in order to get tattooed.


4. Minimum Charge Policy:  Our shop minimum price is $95. It covers the tattoo artist's time, the expense of , strict Sterilization of tattoo equipment, the procedure area as well as single-use supplies necessary.


5. We reserve the right to refuse service: to anyone who is thought to be under the influence.  We will, however, welcome you back when you are running properly on all cylinders.

 6.Cancellation Policy:  All appointments require a minimum of 48 hours' notice for cancellation.  If canceled with over 48 hours' notice, your deposit may be applied to a future appointment.

7.Reschedule Policy:  All appointments require at least 48 hours notice to reschedule.  If at least 48 hours notice is given, your deposit may be applied to your new appointment.  If an appointment is rescheduled more than twice, your deposit will be forfeited.


8.Late Policy:  Please call to let us know if you are running late for an appointment. 



Deposits will be applied towards the final cost of your tattoo at your final session unless your deposit is forfeited. 

Deposits are forfeited if you:

 -No-show for an appointment

- Cancel with less than 48 hours advance notice

 - Reschedule more than twice, or arrive intoxicated or otherwise unable to be tattooed 

 - Request excessive or last-minute changes to the design or concept.

If you forfeit a deposit, you may be required to leave a new deposit before booking any new appointment(s).

Deposits will not be transferred to another person or for use with a different tattooer.


10.Artwork Policy:  We will not email, text, or preview a custom design for your review until your scheduled appointment. Any revisions that stay within the idea discussed at the consultation can be made on the day of your appointment.  


11.Touch Up Policy:  Courtesy touch-ups are at the discretion of the tattoo artist.  Necessary touch-ups related to the technical application and healing of a tattoo are free if done within 3 months of the tattoo and by the original artist who did the tattoo (unless the tattoo is on a non-guaranteed body part, see below). 
12.Touch-ups cannot be done until the tattoo is fully healed.  Touch-ups due to client failure or negligence to follow our aftercare procedures are not free and will be charged the same rate as a new tattoo. 

Changes to the original agreed upon tattoo are not considered a touch-up and will be charged as a new tattoo.









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