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Tattoo Process Explained: Step By Step

Understanding the tattoo process is essential, as it helps you become more comfortable and calm while getting your first tattoo. Get detailed information through explanations on how it all works.

Getting a Fresh Piece of Skin Art :

It is very important to us that you’ve finalized your design and placement of the tattoo before you make the appointment with the tattoo artist. Although making these decisions can take a lot of time, it’s better to be absolutely sure. 

Once you’re at our tattoo shop for your tattoo session, here’s what you can expect will happen. You will be asked to sign a consent form.

1. Bring your ID. license to the shop. If you’re under 18, a parent or guardian has to accompany you (to sign the consent form) for your tattoo. Your tattoo artist will ask you to fill and sign a consent form that says you give him/her permission to draw on your body.

2. The artist will take the design you’ve finalized to prepare the stencil. If it’s a standard design, that you’ve chosen or a more complicated or personalized tattoo; the artist will sketch it by hand. They will draw on carbon copy paper to make your stencil. 

Please note that any last-minute changes may affect the price and time of your tattoo.

Size and placement: Please do not describe your tattoo as small, medium, or large, but the size of the tattoo's dimensions in inches or centimeters.

3. Please be patient while your artist is preparing the hand stencil, checking your tattoo size.  

It will take 45 minutes- an hour. before, you'll be asked to sit in a tattoo chair.


The hand stencil size and placement all have to happen before any inking happens. If the artist has to freehand directly on the body this too takes time.

4. A meanwhile, If you don't want to be sitting and wait in the studio. You can go get food, a snack, or run an errand; but come back on your time to start your tattoo.

Otherwise, you are more than welcome to chill and relax in the studio while your artist is working on your stencil preparation.



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